Thank you for coming here. I read Tarot cards for people from all over the world.  I get my information from  the energy you allow to come my way, plus any spirit energy that is there to help.

I particularly enjoy doing Remote Readings. These are done when all I have is your name, and a question or two you want to look at. I do the reading on my own, record it, and send it off to you.

“I had never had a remote reading before, and I was curious about how I’d get the information that I was after without asking specific questions. It turns out, I got much more than I expected. When I watched the recording, I could see that Daniel was able to take the time to really work through the messages that he was getting, because he did not have me there distracting him with questions, reactions and body language. I was overwhelmed by the insight that he was able to provide and having a record of it meant that I could listen to it a few times to really understand what was coming through for me. It was also really helpful to consume the information in private. Daniel was able to provide more insight without me in the room, and I was able to gain more insight without him in the room. I got so much out the process – I highly recommend it.”    Andy, Melbourne, Australia

Please contact me if you need more information. To book a reading click here.

Best of wishes,

Daniel Skyler










My Tarot Readings are for entertainment and interest purposes only.

They do not constitute professional medical, financial, relationship, vocational or counseling advice

Wildwood Tarot

The deck I use for readings and used in pictures on this site is The Wildwood Tarot. Artwork © Will Worthington. willworthingtonart.co.uk