Thanks for visiting. I read Tarot for people from all over the world, offering online readings through video email, readings on Skype or over the phone, plus face to face tarot readings.

I get my information from the energy of your life and spirit you send to me. I then help you make sense of it, and assist with things that hold you back or trouble you.

I offer online ‘remote readings’ on video via email. For these, all I have is your name, and a question or two you want to look at. I do the reading on my own, record it, and send it off to you.

For a client’s view point on Remote Readings look here.

Please contact me if you need more information, or go ahead and book an online video email tarot reading.

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My Tarot Readings are for entertainment and interest purposes only.

They do not constitute professional medical, financial, relationship, vocational or counseling advice

Wildwood Tarot

The deck I use for readings and used in pictures on this site is The Wildwood Tarot. Artwork © Will Worthington. willworthingtonart.co.uk