Brief Bio

Daniel Beach  I was born in the East of England, and grew up by the seaside. My life has been a mix of the usual ups and downs, triumphs and failures, joys and grief, loves and losses. I don’t consider myself to have had an extraordinary life in the slightest.

I’ve done some years at college, played sport and music, been on holiday, and a bit of traveling. I’ve had friends, partners and colleagues, and I’m now married with a family. Standard life stuff.

I always had an interest in the supernatural and mysteries, but no more than I had an interest in the football scores or the latest album or trying to figure out what to do with my life.

From a career point of view I spent many years in a social care setting. I worked both face to face with clients and also in a management capacity. This involved working with vulnerable client groups from children to young people and adults. I have had too many other jobs to list here.

There are mysteries and legends down every street of the British Isles. Millenia of settlement, invasions and growth have created a rich fabric of tales and history. I think my imagination was always fired by myth and legend, always wondering how much was truth and how much had slipped into fiction. Maybe the spirit world has always had an eye me.

I met my wife and moved to the United States and have been living here for several years. This is a different land, with different energy, different histories and different secrets. Being here has allowed me to reflect on my life, and in many ways has enabled this spiritual unfolding to develop.

I now find myself reading tarot, and enjoying the experiences and people I meet. Long may it continue.