porthcurno     One holiday in Cornwall, down in the far south western tip of England, I visited the village of Porth Curno. The beach there is tropical blue, surrounded by spectacular rocks, and overlooked by the magical Minack Theatre.

It is here, underneath the beach and stretching all around the world, that a network of telegraph cables from the 19th century connected Great Britain to it’s growing global empire. You can look inside a tiny hut and see where the cables emerged and messages were received and sent.

I still have a hard time thinking of how a sequence of taps and clicks could travel along thick wires that were laid for hundreds and hundreds of miles along the ocean floor and still arrive as messages so far away. Some person sat there, speaking to others across the world via telegrams, stopping only to take time to dip their feet in the gin clear waters of Porth Curno beach.

But then I used to be in awe of how our radio in the kitchen picked up signals from the BBC, or how I could speak to someone down the telephone wire. Satellite communication seemed an unbelievable kind of magic. Scientific explanations made some  sense, but they still didn’t go far enough to explain to me the how or the why it all worked.

energy   But the answers, apparently, lie in vibrations, waves, energy.

Once I grasped a basic understanding, the possibilities of vibrations, oscillating waves, and energy filled my imagination with wonder and incalculable possibilities. If a small tap on a wire could travel along the ocean floor and be received and understood half way across the world, then what other vibrations were reverberating around the universe at any given time?

And if a vibration started in one place ended up in another, then there had to be something for it to vibrate along. With a telegraph cable, the vibration is obvious to see, easy to imagine. But a radio wave? What is the vibration of a wave traveling through? The air, of course, but then air is not empty, it is something.

And my mind would race, as it does now, at the realization that there is no gap in the universe, that everything is connected, the visible and the invisible, always vibrating, sending and receiving messages.

But where does a vibration begin? Did it start of it’s own accord, or was it simply responding to other vibrations around it? ‘Tis a mystery, like life itself, and something my intellectual capabilities are not equipped to understand.

So people vibrate; they send out waves from their source. Their life and experiences are energy. Everything that has happened to each and everyone of us has caused vibrations, and these vibrations have spread out into the world, out into the infinite expanse of the universe. And everything that has happened, and everything that is going to happen, is contained in the now.

And it is in the ‘now’, that a Tarot reading happens, when the vibrations of what has gone turn up  through the cards in the only way they were ever going to. It is then that me as the reader, and you as the seeker, try to make sense of what they mean. For the vibrations of our lives will do what they will do, and the better we can understand them, the better we can ride the waves rather than be pulled under.

There is a cable between myself and whoever comes for a reading, as there are cables between all the influences and experiences that that person brings with them. We simply have to listen and feel those vibrations, and sit like the telegraph senders and receivers of years ago, waiting for the little paper print out from the vibrations at the end of the cable, hoping we can decipher the messages correctly.