Personal Readings

I do Personal Readings in the company of the client as well as Remote Readings and Skype readings.

I read at a fine Metaphysical Store,  The Wyld and the Wyrd in Port Huron, Michigan, and also at the wonderful temple of light, EarthStar Wisdom in Marine City, Michigan.

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If you would like to book a personal reading, or find out which fair or event I am reading at next, simply contact me.










“Daniel, the reading you provided for me was a true boon. I’m still reeling from the charge and perspective that it provided me. It’s more appreciated than you know.”   Michael, Colorado, USA

“My reading was extremely accurate and insightful. It resonated with me the whole week long. It assisted me with directions I needed to go in, and brought clarity to issues I’m currently dealing with.”                                                                                                                 Kim, Michigan, USA



My Tarot Readings are for entertainment and interest purposes only. It does not constitute professional medical, financial, relationship, vocational or counselling advice