Reading Philosophy

People seek out a Tarot Reading for a variety of reasons. Some come out of curiosity, or have been recommended. Others are looking for help with an issue they can’t quite grasp, and some people just want to try something different.

Whatever the reasons are that people find me, I always treat each reading with respect and integrity. I seek to be honest with what information is coming through. My aim is always to try and understand, and then deliver a helpful and coherent reading.

I do not judge, I do not presume. Life is full of good and bad experiences, joys and sorrows. For some there is ecstasy, and for others, horror. My sole intention is to help where I can.

The readings come from a place of positive intent  and a total respect for the energy that comes my way. I see the reading as a partnership between my self, you, and the universe as shown through cards.

I don’t believe that I can tell you anything, that on some level, you are not aware of. Readings help uncover what you know is already unfolding, and helps confirm one way or the other what your deepest intuition is trying to tell you.

I like the quote from Ram Dass, that “we are all walking each other home.”

Or Kurt Vonnegut quoting his son when he says “we are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is.”