Remote Readings

What are Remote Readings?

Remote Readings take place without you having to be physically present. Nor are you at the end of the telephone or Skype.

Remote Readings mean I can do a reading for anyone, anywhere in the world, no matter where they are. As long as they speak English or can get a translator. I have no other language skills Im afraid.

All I need is your name, and whatever it is you want the reading to focus on. It can be a general reading, just to see what comes up, but questions often help you with issues you know you want help with. The readings are recorded on video.

Each reading comes with a two email follow up conversation to discuss anything or for clarification. It is possible to purchase a 15 minute Skype chat as well.

Remote Readings-a client’s viewpoint.

“I had never had a remote reading before, and I was curious about how I’d get the information that I was after without asking specific questions. It turns out, I got much more than I expected. When I watched the recording, I could see that Daniel was able to take the time to really work through the messages that he was getting, because he did not have me there distracting him with questions, reactions and body language. I was overwhelmed by the insight that he was able to provide and having a record of it meant that I could listen to it a few times to really understand what was coming through for me. It was also really helpful to consume the information in private. Daniel was able to provide more insight without me in the room, and I was able to gain more insight without him in the room. I got so much out the process – I highly recommend it.”    Andy, Melbourne, Australia

F.A.Q. about Remote Readings

How do I get a Remote Reading? 

Click on ‘Book a Reading’ here or in the main menu and follow the instructions. Once you have paid, I will then let you know when the reading is scheduled.

Do you do Remote Readings via Skype or something similar?

No. The readings are done in my study, with just me, the cards, and the energy you are sending.

Well, how does that work then?

I can tell you how I think it works. The vibrations of your life situation, everything that has happened until now, these get transmitted into the ether. I tune in my end and act as a receiver and try to make sense of the data I get, then feedback to you.

Do you get messages from spirits and spirit guides?

I believe I’m receiving a whole host of information about you that is at a level of vibration that is termed spiritual. Often I feel definite entities, human, or non-human, all of whom are trying to help with your reading.

How do I get my Remote Reading?

I use WeTransfer to safely send you a a file of your reading. It is a large file so allow time for it to download. The time will vary according to your internet speed. Each video remains available for 7 days. You download the video but I retain the copyright, meaning you can not post or share the digital copy of your reading. The information contained within it is obviously yours to do with what you like.

What if I can’t get to my video in those 7 days?

Contact me and we can sort out an extension.

Can I share the video of my Reading?

No. You can obviously show people and share the information, but the physical digital recording remains the copyright of Daniel Skyler. It is not to be re-posted or re-distributed in any way. You are responsible for keeping your copy from being used in anyway that infringes copyright.

Do you do phone Readings or Skype Readings at all?

I do Skype readings. Look here for more details.

Can you really get the information for a Reading from just a name and a question?

Yes. Once you have committed to the reading you are already sending the energy of your life my way and making it available to me, whether you are aware of it or not. I simply tune in at the time of the Reading.

With it just being me and the cards, you also get more information from the Reading. In person, or on the phone, some people end up talking more than the reader. A Remote Reading allows me to get as much information to you as possible and make the best use of the time you pay for.

Do I have to be present at all during the time of the Reading, or doing something special when the Reading is taking place?

No. I will let you know when the reading is scheduled, but you don’t need to be doing anything other than what you would normally be doing. As I read for people all over the world, you could possibly sleeping while the Reading is taking place.

Don’t you just Google my name and see what comes up?

No. The information I receive is unlikely to be found online anyway, even if I had time to waste trying to find the correct person with your name.

What if I want to discuss my Reading?

Each Reading comes with two follow up emails. Two from you, and two from me, where we can discuss anything you wish clarified or want more explanation on. You can also purchase a 15 minute Skype call if you need more clarification, but this isn’t usually needed after the email exchange.

What does the written feedback consist of?

If you chose to purchase this option, I will write up the reading immediately after it has ended. This way, not only do you have a written summary, but as I am coming out of ‘reading mode’, aspects of the Reading clarify or expand as I write.

What if I am dissatisfied with the Reading?

If you are genuinely unhappy with the reading and found none of it to be accurate or of use, then I will give you a full refund.


If you have any more questions please contact me.

“The entire reading is spot on! You have really hit the nail on the head. The reading was delivered with truth and compassion and really helped me to get some clarity on things I wasn’t sure about. Exactly what I needed and at the right time.”
Andy, Melbourne, Australia
“From a short paragraph, having never met and thousands of miles away, Daniel has caught the workings of my life from my two questions. Accurate people descriptions and current life influences-quite amazing really.” 
Roze, Auckland, New Zealand


My Tarot Readings are for entertainment and interest purposes only. It does not constitute professional medical, financial, relationship, vocational or counselling advice