I first came across Tarot back in 1991. Some friends of a friend had a deck and I was fascinated by the imagery and mystery of them. I had my first reading and tried reading for others. Although I purchased a deck, I never fully immersed myself in Tarot. But it remained in the back of my mind.

Fast forward some twenty or more plus years, and I found myself drawn again to Tarot cards. By this time there were a lot more decks available than there were back in the early 1990’s. I bought a deck for a friend, but really I wanted to get myself a deck.

So I did what I’d wanted to do all along and bought a deck. I began reading for myself and getting more and more interested in what was coming through. I progressed to reading reading for friends, and friends of friends, and eventually took on board the feedback that they thought my readings were very good. I also began to suspect that some of the information I was getting during the reading wasn’t just coming from the cards.

In order to test out where I was getting my information from, I found some volunteers , people I’d never met, and they agreed to do a remote reading with me.

During these readings I had nothing but their names and a question in an email. However, once the reading started, it was as if they were in the room. The answers to their questions and life situations were revealed to me though a combination of the cards and energy that they had allowed me to see. Somehow I just knew what to say.

Without the client present, I has unable to confirm any of the details with them.  I just had to trust what was happening and go with the flow. These readings were recorded. They turned out to be very accurate and helpful.

I don’t have concrete beliefs about the spirit world, or dimensions other than our own. But I’ve been alive long enough to witness enough strange things and hear enough strange tales that I think, as Shakespeare said, that “there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in my philosophy”. He just about said that, anyway.

The remote readings are to me, a way of experiencing that mystery of life and life’s energy, and trying to make sense of it in order to help people.

I still do Skype readings, in person readings, and love meeting people face to face, but there is something very special about a remote reading, and I feel extremely lucky and humbled that I came across doing them.

I use The Wild Wood Tarot. The imagery and mythology of the deck are part of my British Isles heritage. It’s where I spent the first few decades of my life and go back whenever I can.