“Daniel, I wanted to thank you again – what you told me goes beyond anything I could have hoped to hear in a reading. Your words continue to echo in my mind, and there hasn’t been
a day that’s gone by where I haven’t taken your advice seriously. I hope you’ll be there the next time I need help, and I’m glad to know you’re out there sharing your gift with others.”
Abbeygale Quinn, Psychic Medium, Michigan, USA
“The entire reading is spot on! You have really hit the nail on the head. The reading was delivered with truth and compassion and really helped me to get some clarity on things I wasn’t sure about. Exactly what I needed and at the right time.”
Andy, Melbourne, Australia
“From a short paragraph, having never met and thousands of miles away, Daniel has caught the workings of my life from my two questions. Accurate people descriptions and current life influences-quite amazing really.” 
Roze, Auckland, New Zealand

“Daniel, the reading you provided for me was a true boon. I’m still reeling from the charge and perspective that it provided me. It’s more appreciated than you know.”

Michael, Colorado, USA

“My reading was extremely accurate and insightful. It resonated with me the whole week long. It assisted me with directions I needed to go in, and brought clarity to issues I’m currently dealing with.”

Kim, Michigan, USA

“Daniel reads tarot with heartfelt honesty and love. His readings offer insight and guidance to help us navigate life’s highway. He is also a very caring and compassionate soul.”
Richard Symon, International Hand Reader, London, UK & Melbourne, Australia
“Daniel is an intuitive reader who took the time to hone in on the emotions behind the situation, which provided clarity for me. His reading was spot on and very helpful.”
Mary, Virginia, USA
“Thank you so much, a lot of work has gone into the reading. You’ve gone above and beyond any reading I have ever had before. You hit the nail on the head on several occasions. It’s been very helpful.”
Helen, Norwich, UK


My Tarot Readings are for entertainment and interest purposes only.

They do not constitute professional medical, financial, relationship, vocational or counseling advice